Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend adventures!


What a crazy weekend!! I am finally able to sit down and enjoy my favorite drink :)

Club Soda, Vodka & Lime

You see, I have this crazy coach that is trying to get me to my first marathon and he showed me exactly what I will be going against during the race by making me push my body time after time.

Remember when I told you about my biggest week yet? Well, I actually got through "kick butt week" and I am still alive!!

Here's a recap of this weeks workouts:

Monday: Ball Sculpt class
Tuesday: Tempo Run - 7K
Wednesday: Easy Run - 7.25K
Thursday: 12K run
Friday: Yoga, this should have been a Rest day but I needed to stretch!

I did enjoy Friday night with my husband at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game! It felt good to go out and enjoy ourselves!

We are cool right :)

Saturday: 15K run at marathon pace!

I was a little skeptical of running this long before my "real" long run! I loved this run and the weather was great to run in :)

Little picture of "moi" before leaving!

I took out my little friend "Camelbak" again as there is no water on this trail!

 The sun was shining and there was a ton of people at this place. The fish were jumping up the river and it was kinda neat to see. Is there a season for that?!

Sunday: 32K (20 miler) long run!! 

Yes, I did my 2nd 20 miler and it was a tuff one. I left my house at 7:30am and it was nice and cool. When I got to about 12K, it started getting hot really fast. I wore a tank top and running skirt and it was the best decision for clothing. Can you believe running in a tank top in late September!? 

When I left this morning!

I took a new route which started being "new to me" at around 16K. It was weird as this was going to be the first time I wasn't doing an out and back. I did not like it. I actually hated it as I didn't end up back home where I could jump right into the ice bath and eat! 

The pictures below are all hills I had to climb at some point or another after 21K. These were not the only one either! Next time, I will check the elevation before leaving :)

In case you didn't add all of this mileage yourself, I ran a total of 73K + yoga + ball sculpt. Crazzzyyy! Take that Coach K!!

Now, I am back in the comfort of my home with that drink and enjoying it. As of next weekend, there will be no more drinking until the marathon! 23 days without alcohol, I might go insane!!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Awesome! I am such a fan of running and yoga, too.

  2. Wowie! Nice job running 15K the day before your long run! I am not sure I could handle that. You are going to be super ready for this marathon though!!

  3. Funny--that similiar thing happened on my 20 miler. I usually do an out and back, and decided to try a different route and ended up lost twice. Good job though on all your runs! Girly you are MORE than ready for this race. I am so proud of you.