Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am still alive!

Hello friends!

Yes, I am still alive and well but again, life has taken over.

I am still on track for my marathon training and I am happy to report that I have now gone 5 days, including one weekend without drinking! My commitment to clean at least this part out of my system for my marathon is proven to be successful so far :)

Thank god I can make my favorite drink with no vodka!
Maybe I'm on to something here :)

I had a little crazy moment this weekend and emailed Coach K to know why I wasn't running as much anymore! I know the concept of tapering but I didn't except to feel so lost!

I was reassured that these feelings were normal and that come race day, my body will be grateful and I will let the leopard in me come out and play!!

 Pictures courtesy of our trip to South Africa in 2009!

During the next few weeks, I will spend some time doing positive thinking and visualizing the race. I plan on seeing the course possibly this weekend and get to know it a little better. I hear its flat but I want to see it for myself :)

In case you wonder what I did this week in terms of training, here it is:

Monday: An amazing weight class that I am still feeling!
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: 6K run this morning; loved being to run as the sun was coming up :)

Here's what is on the agenda for the rest of the week:

Thursday: 7K Tempo Run
Friday: Swim
Saturday: 10K run
Sunday: 20K run

Now I am off to bed for another early night as I have a nagging feeling I am getting a cold. Hopefully, sleep is the answer!

What do you suggest I do with all the free time I will have in my last week of training before the marathon?


  1. drink ur water, cynthia!
    goind alcohol free is very hard for me. i tried but had a glass of wine yesterday, and I knwo that i will be drinking this weekened as we are at the cottage. But I am NOT drinking next...i promise! haha

    hope yopu have a great weekend and just enjoy ur free time and relax with your lovely husband!


  2. Our coach always says during taper time:
    If you can stand, sit.
    If you can sit, lie down.
    taper is boring...embrace the tv/reading/internet. It's the only way to keep you 'sane'.

  3. I hope your feeling better. Rest was the best cure for me. And that was freaky getting a cold just days before the marathon. Eeek! Good luck with not drinking too...that is so hard!