Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 17 Marathon Training recap!


Now that I told Mother Nature what to do, I am ok to talk about this past week of training!

This week had nothing special except wonderful weather :) I took out all my Fall/Winter clothes last weekend and now I had to take out my Summer clothes again!

Here's what the last week looked like:

This should have been a rest day but I love the weight class so much, I decided to do it and postpone my rest day until Tuesday!

My little station except it changes every week! Add a Step or a weighted bar!

I took a well deserved Rest Day as my whole body was feeling the run + the weights :) I love that feeling of having worked out and my muscles telling me how good it felt!!

On this day, I worked from home, so I woke up an hour later and got my run in with the sun coming up. It was beautiful but I have no pictures as the route was in the side streets near my condo. There was a lot of traffic so I preferred my safety to taking pictures :)

I ran a  little over 6K and I felt good. The weather was nice and cool and I took it easy and enjoyed every minute of it before going home and jumping into a days work.

I love working from home!! :)

This was a big day as its one of my last tempo runs before THE day! I wanted to make it count but at the same time I was not feeling it before I left. Fortunately for me, Michelle came with me at the last minute and it was so much better!

She was on me the whole time and I thought I was going to be able to slow down and wait for her but nooo, Miss M had to be on her game the whole time and make me go fast until the end :) (Thanks M!)

Trying to take a picture while running :)

I took an unexpected Rest Day again. It actually felt good to do so on my body but I felt like going for a run the whole day. I knew I couldn't run 5 days in a row so I decided not to do anything.

I had a 10K run planned for today with about 8K at marathon race pace. I got up without an alarm and kind of wished I had woke up earlier as it was a hot one!

I got dressed for Summer again and was out the door to tackle this 10K. I brought my own water as I knew with this weather I would need more than a fountain and besides, I wanted to do this one without stopping!
New shoes = maybe not the ones :(

It was a beautiful day with some of the leaves having changed on the lakeshore!

I was a sweaty beast by the end! 

I spent the rest of the day running errands with my husband. I was able to last until 9:30pm and then crashed hard. I was sooo tired! And I had to get up for my long run the next day!

I woke up around 6:30am this morning and I was out the door by 7:30 having spent time eating breakfast and getting things going!

I knew it was going to be a hot one again and by the time I left, it was already pretty warm!

I am trying to get used to my fuel belt and hand bottle as I will be carrying both on race day! (I will explain all this in a later post closer to my marathon!)

It was so peaceful! This rower looked so serene, alone on the lake!

At my halfway point, I took a little break as my heel was screaming at me for some reason. I stretched and ate my HoneyStinger Chews and while I was bent down on a stretch, I saw this: 

Can you spot it?

I was stopped in a marina and it made me want to buy a boat and go on a little adventure! I would love to be able to wake up on the water!

When I turned around I saw this! Hello, CN Tower :)

Its also at this point that I realized that these shoes will probably bring me to the end of my marathon! I believe my new Hot Pink Saucony Kinvara's may be the culprit to my heel pain :(

On my way back, I was so happy to see a tree with its colors change! There are not a lot in the city and this was lovely :)

Beautiful sunshine on the lake!

I got back home around 10am and was out the door with The Engineer for breakfast/lunch at Cora's! It was exactly what I needed after a long run!

We ran a few more errands and when we got home I hit the pool! I was mainly going to relax and enjoy the sunshine but I ended doing about 30 laps and 50 tricep dips in the stairs! I kept it light and casual. I had my floater board and did some kick laps. I also sat on it and moved from one end to the other using my arms only. This was tuff! I finished it off with some real front crawl laps :)

Now, I would say that was a productive week!!

Today is a holiday for us in Canada and I have plans to take advantage of the sunshine once again! We'll see what the day brings us :)

Countdown to Marathon #1: 13 days!!!

Tell me, what did you do this weekend? Please tell me you enjoyed the beautiful temperature!?


  1. I saw on Beyond Destination 26.2 that you are running a marathon soon. Good luck!

  2. The countdown is on....eeeekkk!! :) So excited for you girly!!! Yes I am curious about the running belt and handheld so spill the deets. I did find that I went through my two small bottles pretty fast during my marathon --but the water stops were usually spaced enough that I could refill when needed. You are trained and ready for this race, now enjoy the next week, and take it all in!