Monday, January 27, 2014

Adventure Baby: The Nursery!

I am about to enter my 33rd week of pregnancy and everything is pretty much the same so I thought I would show you what we have been working on since the holidays; The Nursery :)

When my parents & brother were here for the holidays, we got a head start on transforming my office into what would be Miss Sophie's domain! Now, you may wonder why we started it so early. Well, I wanted to enjoy every moment and not rush when I was 9 months pregnant to finish it. I want to enjoy the last month and besides, I am a bit of a crazy organizer when it comes to doing things like this since everything is unknown.

So, my brother, dad and hubby got to work on building things and my mom & I got busy sorting clothes, blankets, toys & teddy bears and washing them!

Hubby & my brother hard at work!

It took a long time to wash, dry and fold everything but it was a great way to take inventory and see what we were missing! We had a little mishap with the dresser we purchased since it came in 2 boxes and we didn't get the right ones. Of course, we had to repack the whole thing and return it for another one and this time, perfect!

So after all the big things were built with our generous help, like the crib, the dresser, the stroller, the swing and such we left it like that for a while as we had to get back to work. We were waiting for the Babyfest Sale that Babies r Us was going to have in January to get all the little things we were missing.

For the past few weekends, things finally came together and we were able to finish the room!! Yesterday, we put the final touches and I am so happy to share it with you!

Girly but a room she can grow in!
The glider I am sure I will fall asleep in a few times!

Ikea dresser cut down and ready to change plenty of poopy diapers :)


Maybe this will entertain her as she starts moving!
We are loving the way it turned out and so excited to start using this room for our little munchkin! We did leave some empty wall space for some pictures that I am hoping to get done soon as well! Only 7 weeks (more or less!) until we meet Miss Sophie! I am excited, but anxious, and just hoping we can be the best parents to this little person we are about to welcome :)
Tell me, if you are pregnant, did you start the nursery?


  1. Oh my goodness - it's perfect! I love the rug and how cozy it all looks!

  2. It looks SO GREAT!!! I love the transformation and the pretty colours -- great job you guys!

  3. Wow, beautiful! You guys did amazing work! Love it of course! xoxox Lisa